My love of colour, design and craftsmanship has been shaped over the years by my travels.  I have had the privilege to have worked in some incredibly beautiful and remote places: a cook on the Kola Peninsula in Russia; running a safari lodge in Zimbabwe; leading small tour groups around India, Central Asia, Iran and the Middle East. Along the way I have always been fascinated by the people I would meet and their homes be it a yurt or a palace. It was inspiring as well as fascinating and at times funny. However simply, remotely or grandly people live they had one thing in common, their homes and to make you feel as their guestl as welcomed as possible.

In my own home I have tried to make it as cosy and welcoming as possible and let the various treasures from my travels tell their own stories. The rug in the hall from Marrakesh; the crewel work cushion on the sofa from Kashmir; my beautiful carved marble oil lamp from Hunza Valley, my plastic mosque alarm clock from Jerusalem; the Afghan pottery bowls bought in Peshawar…. I think you get the picture. I loved bringing something back from each trip even if it was only a shell. I am a firm believer that your home should speak for you. 

My other great pleasure was scouting out presents for family and friends as I pottered around markets and little hidden away shops down narrow lanes.

Love Dhala  was born out of a love of finding the right gift for the right person and our  home accessories and gifts have been curated for a love of colour, design, comfort and style as well as being a little bit different.

I do hope you find something you like be it for yourself or as a gift.


Dhala x 

PS. Dhala is the name of a fort and pass north of Aden, in South Yemen (incase you where wondering).

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